Butare Ward B, Kyamuhunga Town council, Bushenyi District

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kyapa loan

Must be a registered member of KYAPS.

Must have active account

Client must possess originaldocuments of the ownership of the land.

Must be a citizen by birth or nationalization of Uganda.

Age between 18 years and 70 years and of sound mind.

Must be a credit worthy member.

Must fill and submit KYAPS Loan application form certified by Chairperson Local Council 1 (LC1) with competent guarantors.

Must have constant cash flows passing from the account

Have a general use and permanent identity document with a photo, full name, address and number.

Must have at least one year of residence in the same community.

Must be of a good moral character.

Provide evidence of profitable productive activity / business which must generate daily income.

The applicant must have the original document of the ownership of the land.

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