Butare Ward B, Kyamuhunga Town council, Bushenyi District

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butare branch

about the branch: 

Main branch operates jointly with head office under one building and it’s the biggest branch amongst the four branches of KYAPS with 18 staffs, 9 credit officers, 7 staffs in operations and 1 office assistant plus the branch manager The major business within the locality of main branch is agriculture and mainly tea farming supported by coffee, banana and some live stock farming plus other commercial businesses There are a number of tea factories, schools and other institutions of learning with a lot of employees who enjoy different products of KYAPS both savings and loans The major areas of KYAPS main branch operations are Butare, Kabingo, Kyamuhunga, Swazi, Bitooma, Kakanju, Nyanga, Bunyaruguru, Ruhumuro, Kyabugimbi, Buhweju, Nyabubare, Nyarugoote, Kahungye, Kashenshero, Mitooma, Ishaka-Bushenyi, Mbarara, Kampala plus other areas of the country So come and visit KYAPS main branch and enjoy all its good services offered by excellent staffs

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